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The Views at Estanza Ridge

A new tourist attraction is rising in the southern highlands of Legazpi City... Ocean View. Poliqui Bay as viewed from the ridge. Locals have already grown accustomed to the Legazpi Boulevard, which though has fantastic views, may not be as grand as this new attraction. City View. Legazpi as can be seen from the ridge. Popularly known as the Highlands due to the name of the new subdivision located there, I'd rather have it named as "Estanza Viewing Ridge" because it is precisely a ridge with splendid views. Estanza is the name of the barangay where the ridge is located. This is the best I can do to fit all three in one frame but it's still a miss. Unlike other attractions in the city, this ridge has a full view of Mayon Volcano, the city of Legazpi, and the scenic Poliqui Bay all in one frame. Unfortunately, it is very hard to fit all these three in one picture so you'll never appreciate the grandeur I'm talking about unless you
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Has the E-VAT Law Been Beneficial to the Philippines?

Looking back on 2005, one remembers the financial turmoil the nation was beset with.   The average Juan de la Cruz may have read the news reports on the trillions of pesos - or dollars - worth of government debt. There were even estimates on how much one Filipino owes indirectly as a citizen of the country. Credit ratings were downgraded with outlooks, at one point, negative . Two words: Debt Spiral. One word: headache. But what has happened since? Has the government paid off its debts already? How much do we still owe? In 2008, then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said that the EVAT was one of her “hard choices" in 2005 but she faced with the need to raise government revenues. The Philippine EVAT was able to raise between P80 billion to P100 billion in revenues annually and Arroyo said that the revenue "saved" the country. Image source: Getty Images through Statement source: GMA News Network website. Remembering 2005 is not complet

Medical Tourism & Retirement Hub: Another Industry the City of Legazpi Can Tap

In about 2009 or 2010, a Korean firm eyed Legazpi for the establishment of a retirement hub. Nobody knows what has happened since but recently, another firm, which is of Japanese nationality, is set to construct a retirement centre in the city (according to this article entitled " Residential, Commercial, Retirement Centre Soon to Rise in Legazpi City "). These developments indicate Legazpi's marketability for retirement hubs. The city has picturesque views and, at times, relaxing weather, which both attract oldies to retire in the city. However, the city government must complement this potentials with medical tourism to sustain its marketability in such industry.  Imposing quality controls in a way that all hospitals in the city must comply with may not be an effective solution since only very few of these hospitals have enough funds and budget for such expensive aims. The one thing that the LGU can do however is to do "certifications" whereb

Transforming Legazpi Into a Full-Blown Resort City

View from Brgy. Lamba. Photo by Dexter Baldon, grabbed from The views in Barangays Taysan and Estanza in Legazpi City are unparalleled elsewhere. The potentials are way up high. These places can be world-class tourist destinations as one person often puts it.  Venturing into Maslog and Lamba areas can be just as fascinating. The southern parts of Legazpi are full of so many hidden destinations waiting to be unraveled. Other municipalities and cities in Albay can be explored further to see what these places can offer. The LGUs may work hand in hand with national agencies in transforming Legazpi into a full-blown resort city (an article will be posted discussing and describing the economic benefits of a resort city) where these displaced families are given priority in jobs. Bed-and-Breakfast inns and bigger resorts or hotels could be suitable in these areas.  This type of industry needs different kinds of services and goods to support them so they can tap t